Call for Registration: Unemployed and Non-Permanently Employed Educators

The Eastern Cape Department of Education is calling on all unemployed and non-permanently appointed professionally qualified Educators to register on an electronic database which is inter alia aimed at assisting the Department with its human capital planning and development processes.

The link to this database can be accessed on the Eastern Cape Department of Education’s website

The electronic database will also assist the Department to-

  • determine the availability of professionally qualified Educators in the Province and to develop spatial, phase and subject area offering profiles;
  • influence from an informed perspective tertiary curriculum planning processes and the design of bursary programmes; and
  • streamline recruitment and appointment procedures for the appointment of Substitute Educators.

Professionally Qualified Educators, currently not employed or employed in a temporarily capacity, are requested to go online, follow the link, complete the registration form and upload the required supporting documents (Identity Document, Qualification and SACE Registration Certificates).

Name(s): Mardie Kilian